Monday, January 3, 2011

RatFatCat- really...?

Wow, she has really been getting on my nreves lately, I kidna don't know, is she for real? All she does is post rude things WHENEVER simsgal makes a thread. It's so pathetic, ugh I don't even know.


  1. A little girl with nothing else better to do? A nutjob perhaps? Who knows...?


  2. Yup, she hates my guts. All because I told Early once ON HER COMMENTS PAGE that I didn't like her. I swear it. That was when she ONLY said mean things on 3 seperate times on different threads.

    She is stalking me, especially my comments page. I'm not guessing, I KNOW.

    ~Simsgal, obviously (I have a blog for something not simming, very unlike it, so I can't have my name the same as the forums).